Gosowong Project


Gosowong Gold Mine Project

Gosowong is the name of the mining area located in North Halmahera Regency, North Maluku Province. It is also called as “Gosowong Site”.


Following are some PT. ODG Indonesia Project references :

1999 – Establish and installable process plant mine development 

2006 – HV Reticulation Gosowong Extension Kencana Underground

2006 – Gosowong Labour Supply Services 

2010 – Supply & Installation of Electrical & Instrumentation Works Gosowong Extension Project

2012 – Supply 30 unit of Accomodation Containers

2013 – New Underground Mine Togurachi Worskhop Gosowong 

2013 – Supply & Installation of Fire Hydrant, Sprinkler & Water Pump Dsitribution System of Yard 5 and Togurachi

2018 – Supply & Installation of Air Conditioner Gosowong Camp 

2019 Supply and Install Air Conditioning for Camp Type 4

2019 Supply & Install CO2 Fire Detection and Control System