Our Vision

Our aim is for the company to become well known in the mining, power, manufacturing and commercial construction markets and be considered a dependable and trusted partner by its customers. We wish to be a company that contributes to the national development through its activities, is respected for its values and which invests in the long-term development and success of its employees.

Our Mission

We provide solutions to our customers’ needs for electrical, fire and mechanical systems. We are a multi-trade contractor and a single point of contact for our customers.

We deliver complex projects on-time, meeting international and industry quality standards, often under challenging conditions.

We commit to providing a safe environment for our employees, where they can work together in a supportive, ethical community and be respected by one another and where their long-term development needs are met.

We recognize that we are part of a community and that we must support the protection of the local environment and ensure that we help the local communities wherever possible by providing employment and development and to contribute to their well-being wherever we can.