PT ODG Indonesia is a fire protection and detection contractor in Indonesia. We are a recognized leader for fire protection and detection service across many industries. We’re a full-service provider of fire protection engineering, design, and installation services, as well as inspection, testing, and maintenance services. Our team of experts is dedicated and responsible for keeping workers safe.

Our fire engineers manage all aspects of fire protection and detection on new projects including assessment, design, technical specification, installation and pre-commissioning.

Design, Procurement, Installation & Audits of :

Fire Protections & Detections System :

– Hydrants / Sprinklers

– Special Hazard Protection

– Clean Agent Fire Suppresion Halon Replacement

– High & Low Pressure COSuppression

– Inergen

– Foam Extinguisher

– FM200 Fire Suppression

– Water Spray

– Extinguisher Refills

– Conventional Alarm

– Addressable Alarm

– Zone Infra Red Fame Detection / CCTV

– Testing & Commisioning Services

– Operation & Maintenance Services

Safety Inspection & Audits