Project Superintendent


To manage on-site work progress for all phases of projects, including overseeing the supervisor’s work progress, material, and equipment, ensuring that specifications are being strictly followed, and work is proceeding on schedule and within budget. Responsible for scheduling, inspections, quality control, and job site safety, including but not limited to fulfilling the client’s requirement of manpower amount, and ensuring the quality of manpower by implementing a learning and development program.


  1. Ensure the drawing has correctly interpreted by the supervisors and has delivered to subordinates.
  2. Interpret and deliver the project plan including the project regulations/ contract; manhour, time target completion, equipment/ material needed, safety and quality requirements, etc., to the subordinate.
  3. Evaluate the work progress that reported by the supervisors, e.g. the material supply, manpower supply, work progress completion as scheduled, work quality and safety compliance, and any other obstacles occurred regarding to the completion of the tasks or workers adherence to regulations. Arrange solutions of the occurred problem and direct monitor the work progress to site periodically or when it’s needed.
  4. Maintain the relationship between client and the company by ensuring timely completion of outstanding or additional customer service requests and maintain a high level of customer service satisfaction,
  5. Attend meeting with the client to assist Project Manager/ Division Manager or other external parties that related to project interests.
  6. Provide both oral and written report regarding the work progress periodically to Project Manager/ Division Manager, including the basic monitoring report of expense and remain budget.


  1. Minimum Diploma degree in Electrical Engineering or equivalent.
  2. Willing to be placed in Papua and other remote area.
  3. Good English, both written and spoken, especially in technical terms.
  4. Minimum 11-year experience in the construction industry and preferably a minimum of 5-year experience as supervisor. Preferable have experience in the oil and gas company.
  5. Good computer literacy, especially word processing program, database programs, the internet, and preferably project management software.
  6. Able to read, understand, and analyse the drawing/design provided from the client inquiry.
  7. Good communication and negotiation skills to build and maintain relationships with clients, vendors and suppliers.
  8. Preferable have POP certificate and any specified certificate needed in the job specialization, as required by the job’s demand and/or compliance to law regulations.

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