Logistic Officer


To maintain the functioning of the supply chain system, especially in logistics activities by coordinating, consolidating, and planning with purchasing departments, project managers and storeman including evaluating all logistics processes and systems, designing, and implementing new plans efficiently. This position is also responsible for ensuring the smoothness and compliance with applicable logistics procedures and rules, goods data entry, packaging, appropriate transportation arrangements, consolidation of shipments, cost analysis, goods re-routing, monitoring schedules and delivery progress to ensure the goods arrive without damage and on time.


  1. Receive and check goods from suppliers/ vendors in terms of quantity, specifications, and conditions of goods in plain view.

  2. Provide tagging of goods, coordinate with other relevant department (for example: purchasing officer or Project Manager) and prepare for shipping by packing goods.

  3. Carry out delivery of goods in accordance with shipping orders and shipping methods (for example: hand-carry in coordination with HRD to schedule departure and delivery of shipping services with shipping companies).

  4. Make a claim on the vendor/ supplier or shipping company if there is damage to the goods.

  5. Input logistical activity data into the database (e.g., item status, shipping method, etc.).

  6. Any other reasonable duties as directed by the manager or by own initiative within known skills, knowledge, and capabilities.


  1. Minimum SMA/ SMK/ Equivalent of all majors.

  2. Minimum 3 years experience in logistics of Construction, Oil & Gas Industry.

  3. Should have SIM A.

  4. Willing to be placed in Tangguh Project, Papua.

  5. Basic knowledge of the principles and methods of shipping goods by air, land, sea or hand carry, including the costs and advantages and disadvantages of each shipping method.

  6. Any specified certificate needed in the job specialization, as required by the job’s demand and/or compliance to law regulations.

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