Fire Alarm Design Engineer

Skill Requirements

  1. Minimum bachelor’s degree (S1) in Engineering or related field or equivalent.
  2. Minimum 5-year experience as Design Engineer in the related field, preferably having experience working on site.
  3. Fluent in English especially in technical terms.
  4. Good computer literacy, especially word processing programs, database programs, and the internet.
  5. Able to read, understand, and analyze the drawing/design provided from the client inquiry.
  6. Good communication and negotiation skills to build and maintain relationships with clients, vendors, and suppliers.
  7. Have any certificate that is specified needed in the job specialization, as required by the job’s demand and/or compliance to law regulations


  1. Conduct the preparation of bid files by crate system design based on the standard and manual design.
  2. Determine the costs, specifications, and work procedure associated with completing the scope of work in a tender related.
  3. Responsible for preparing detailed system design, estimating, and changing requests affecting projects.
  4. Assist field engineer in installation, testing, operation, and maintenance process.
  5. Site survey (if needed).
  6. Evaluate projects based on engineering standards.
  7. Responsible for communicating with external parties related to design engineering and maintenance purposes.
  8. Responsible for the design engineer team’s adherence to the design standard and contract budget.

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