DescriptionLocationOwnerContract WithDisciplineCategorySectorCompletion
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Maintenance Electrical, Fire Detection for Australian EmbassyJakartaAustralian EmbassyJones Lang LasalleFire Detection/ ElectricalCommercialService2017
Martabe Gold Mine Secondary Crushing Project Site Electrical and Instrumentation (E&I) InstallationTapanuli SelatanAgincourt ResourcesAgincourt ResourcesInstrumentation/ ElectricalMiningConstruction2017
Kaltim Prima Coal Lighting Plant & Lighting Tower Preventive and Genset Maintenance 3 years contractSangattaKaltim Prima CoalKaltim Prima CoalElectricalMiningService2016
Kaltim Prima Coal Electrical Maintenance - 3 years ContractSangattaKaltim Prima CoalKaltim Prima CoalElectricalMiningService2016
Material Supply for Wetar Island Copper Mine ProjectWetar IslandBatutua Tembaga RayaBatutua Tembaga RayaInstrumentation/ ElectricalMiningService2016
Australian Embassy Supply & Install Electrical and Fire AlarmJakartaAustralian EmbassyLeighton - TOTAL Bangun PersadaFire Alarm/ ElectricalIndustrialConstruction2016
Wetar Island Copper Mine Project Electrical and Instrumentation InstallationWetar IslandBatutua Tembaga RayaBatutua Tembaga RayaInstrumentation/ ElectricalMiningConstruction2016
Donggi Senoro LNG Condensate Export Facility Phase 2 ProjectDonggi - Sulawesi tengahDonggi senoro LNGMcConnell Dowell IndonesiaInstrumentation/ ElectricalOil and GasConstruction2016
KPC Melawan Online Coal Analyzer Electrical WorksSangattaKaltim Prima CoalNusa Tambang PratamaElectricalMiningConstruction2016
Design, Supply and Installation Power Supply for Capstans, Genset and ContainersSangattaKaltim Prima CoalMcConnell Dowell IndonesiaElectricalMiningConstruction2016
Freeport Office Building 4 (OB4) WA-32Irian JayaFreeport IndonesiaLeighton Contractors IndonesiaAir Conditioning/ Mechanical/ ElectricalMiningConstruction2016
Freeport Additional Facilities MP66 HeliportIrian JayaFreeport IndonesiaLeighton Contractors IndonesiaElectricalMiningConstruction2015
Supply Ablution & STP Camp AreaSumatraSumatra Cooper & GoldPT Dwinad Nusa SejahteraMechanical/ ElectricalMiningFitouts2015
Electrical Installation for Toka Tindung Permanent Power Supply Package-2Manado - Sulawesi UtaraMeares Soputan MiningMeares Soputan MiningElectricalMiningConstruction2015
Freeport Overhead Line Relocation MP72 Bus StationsIrian JayaFreeport IndonesiaLeighton Contractors IndonesiaElectricalMiningConstruction2015
Freeport Melati Mess Up-GradeIrian JayaFreeport IndonesiaLeighton Contractors IndonesiaPlumbing/ Air Conditioning/ Mechanical/ ElectricalMiningConstruction2015
Freeport Office Building 4 (OB4) SubstationIrian JayaFreeport IndonesiaLeighton Contractors IndonesiaElectricalMiningConstruction2015
Freeport Office Building 3 RefurbishmentIrian JayaFreeport IndonesiaLeighton Contractors IndonesiaPlumbing/ Electrical/ MechanicalMiningConstruction2015
Toka Tindung Permanent Power Supply Substation BuildingManado - Sulawesi UtaraMeares Soputan MiningMeares Soputan MiningElectricalMiningConstruction2015
Bakan Gold Project Electrical & Instrumentation WorksBakan - North SulawesiPT J ResourcesMcConnell Dowell IndonesiaInstrumentation/ ElectricalMiningConstruction2014
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