DescriptionLocationOwnerContract WithDisciplineCategorySectorCompletion
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Martabe Gold Mine Secondary Crushing Project Site Electrical and Instrumentation (E&I) InstallationTapanuli SelatanAgincourt ResourcesAgincourt ResourcesInstrumentation/ ElectricalMiningConstruction2017
Electrical & Instrumentation Installation for Martabe ProjectMartabe - North SumatraAgincourt ResourcesAgincourt ResourcesInstrumentation/ ElectricalMiningConstruction2012
Supply & Install CCTV, RFID & Access ControlJakartaAmerada HessAmerada HessSecurityOil and GasConstruction2006
BZZB, BTSA ( BZZA ) Offshore Platforms Electrical/InstrumentationHandil YardARCOKomaritimInstrumentation/ ElectricalOil and GasConstruction1992
Satui New Power StationsKalimantanArutmin IndonesiaArutmin IndonesiaElectricalMiningConstruction2005
Maintenance Electrical, Fire Detection for Australian EmbassyJakartaAustralian EmbassyJones Lang LasalleFire Detection/ ElectricalCommercialService2017
Australian Embassy Supply & Install Electrical and Fire AlarmJakartaAustralian EmbassyLeighton - TOTAL Bangun PersadaFire Alarm/ ElectricalIndustrialConstruction2016
System Upgrading and Install Embassy CCTVJakartaAustralian EmbassyAustralian EmbassySecurityCommercialConstruction2006
Fire Sprinkler MaintenanceJakartaAustralian EmbassyAustralian EmbassyFire SprinklerCommercialConstruction2006
Supply & Install CCTV SystemJakartaAustralian EmbassyAustralian EmbassySecurityCommercialConstruction2005
Supply and Installation of Sprinkler System at Australian EmbassyJakartaAustralian EmbassyAustralian EmbassyFire SprinklerCommercialConstruction2003
Australian Embassy Electrical Mechanical Hydraulics & Fire Protection Design Supply & InstallationJakartaAustralian EmbassyJohn HollandSpecial Hazard/ Plumbing/ Air Conditioning/ ElectricalCommercialConstruction1993
Australian Embassy Jakarta Renovation to Fit Out of Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing and DatacomJakartaAustralian Government Property GroupPT. Bilfinger + Berger IndonesiaPlumbing/ Fire Alarm/ Electrical/ Air ConditioningCommercialFitouts2000
Supply and Installation Electrical Works for Coal Processing Plant CPP3 at SebukuSebuku - KalimantanBahari Cakrawala SebukuBahari Cakrawala SebukuElectricalMiningConstruction2009
Supply & Install Transformer and Generator Switchboard for Sebuku ProjectSebuku - KalimantanBahari Cakrawala SebukuBahari Cakrawala SebukuElectricalMiningService2009
Building B Dealing Room Inergen Protection SystemPekanbaruBank IndonesiaPT. Gatra Bhama AmartaSpecial HazardCommercialConstruction1998
Inergen Protection SystemBatamBank IndonesiaPT. Gatra Bhama AmartaSpecial HazardCommercialConstruction1998
BT Vault Room Inergen Protection SystemJakartaBank IndonesiaPT. Gatra Bhama AmartaSpecial HazardCommercialConstruction1998
BI Conference Systems Public Address SystemsJakartaBank IndonesiaBank IndonesiaIntegrated SystemCommercialConstruction1994
Rawas Gold Mine Project Electrical & Instrumentation InstallationBengkuluBarisan Tropical MiningMinproc EngineeringInstrumentation/ ElectricalMiningConstruction1996

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