DescriptionLocationOwnerContract WithDisciplineCategorySectorCompletion
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Maintenance Electrical, Fire Detection for Australian EmbassyJakartaAustralian EmbassyJones Lang LasalleFire Detection/ ElectricalCommercialService2017
Fire Sprinkler System Extension ProjectJakartaPT. Johnson IndonesiaPT. Johnson IndonesiaFire SprinklerCommercialFitouts2010
Supply & Install Access Control and CCTV SystemJakartaIDX Bursa EfekIDX Bursa EfekSecurityCommercialService2008
Supply Simplex Fire Alarm System for Energy Office BuildingJakartaMEDCOEffrensindo KencanaCommercialService2008
Supply and Install Pedestrian Barrier Tunnel from Jakarta Stock Exchange Building to Pasific PlaceJakartaPT. First Jakarta InternationalPT. First Jakarta InternationalSecurityCommercialService2008
Supply and Install of Software House Access Control System Systems for StatOil Hydro Jakarta Office.JakartaHafslund Sikkerhet Teknikk ASHafslund Sikkerhet Teknikk ASSecurityCommercialService2008
Supply and Install CCTV System with AD Speed Dome for PT. Effem IndonesiaMakasarPT. Mars Symbioscience IndonesiaPT. Mars Symbioscience IndonesiaSecurityCommercialService2008
Supply and Install Office Expansion Access Control System & Security SystemJakartaPT. Credit Suisse Securities IndonesiaPT. Credit Suisse Securities IndonesiaSecurityCommercialService2007
Supply and Install CCtv, Access Control and Alarm System for Caterpillar Finance OfficeJakartaPT. Caterpillar Finance IndonesiaPT. Caterpillar Finance IndonesiaSecurityCommercialService2007
Supply and Install Automatic Pedestrian Barrier and Half Height Turnstile SystemJakartaJakarta Stock Exchange BuildingPT. First Jakarta InternationalIntegrated SystemCommercialService2007
Supply and Install Automated Pedestrian Barrier at Jakarta Stock Exchange BuildingJakartaPT. First Jakarta InternationalPT. First Jakarta InternationalSecurityCommercialService2007
Fire Sprinkler System for KCIJakartaKangar Consulidated IndustriesKangar Consulidated IndustriesFire Sprinkler/ Fire AlarmCommercialService2006
Supply & Install CCTV SystemJakartaShell IndonesiaShell IndonesiaSecurityCommercialConstruction2006
System Upgrading and Install Embassy CCTVJakartaAustralian EmbassyAustralian EmbassySecurityCommercialConstruction2006
Supply & Install CCTV & Access ControlJakartaComputer AssociateComputer AssociateSecurityCommercialConstruction2006
Supply & Install CCTV SystemJakartaShell IndonesiaShell Indonesia (PT. Kridapetra Graha)SecurityCommercialConstruction2006
Fire Sprinkler MaintenanceJakartaAustralian EmbassyAustralian EmbassyFire SprinklerCommercialConstruction2006
Supply & Install CCTV and Access Control SystemJakartaCredit Suisse First Boston (CSFB)Credit Suisse First boston (CSFB)SecurityCommercialConstruction2005
Supply, Testing and Commissioning of Fire Alarm System for Simplex Pakubuwono ApartmentJakartaPakubuwono ApartmentEffensindo KencanaFire AlarmCommercialService2005
Supply & Install CCTV SystemJakartaAustralian EmbassyAustralian EmbassySecurityCommercialConstruction2005

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