DescriptionLocationOwnerContract WithDisciplineCategorySectorCompletion
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Newmont Nusa Tenggara Batu Hijau Project Building Air Conditioning MaintenanceSumbawaNewmont Nusa Tenggara BaratNewmont Nusa Tenggara BaratAir ConditioningMiningService2003
Newmont Copper & Gold Mine Fire Detection and Suppression System Maintenance ServicesSumbawaNewmont Nusa Tenggara BaratNewmont Nusa Tenggara BaratFire AlarmMiningService2003
Renovation of Dyno Test and Control Room Tiara Marga TrakindoJakartaPT. Tiara Marga TrakindoPT. Tiara Marga TrakindoMechanicalIndustrialConstruction2003
Batu Hijau Copper & Gold Mine 4th Pebble Crusher Electrical T&M Services & ScreensSumbawaNewmont Nusa Tenggara BaratNewmont Nusa Tenggara BaratElectricalMiningService2003
Supply and Installation of Intruder DetectionGunung PutriDaimer ChryslerDaimer ChryslerFire AlarmIndustrialConstruction2003
KCI Fire Pump System UpgradeJakartaKCI Glass PackagingKCI Glass PackagingFire SprinklerIndustrialService2003
Jakarta Services Various Minor Project Period 2003JakartaVariousVariousFire Alarm/ Mechanical/ Electrical/ Air ConditioningIndustrialConstruction2003
Newmont Nusa Tenggara Batu Hijau Project Minor Works Period 2003SumbawaNewmont Nusa Tenggara BaratVariousMechanical/ Fire Alarm/ Electrical/ Air ConditioningMiningConstruction2003
Kaltim Prima Coal Minor Works Period 2003SangattaKaltim Prima CoalKaltim Prima CoalFire Alarm/ ElectricalMiningConstruction2003
Balikpapan Services Various MinorProject Period 2003East KalimantanVariousVariousMechanical/ Fire Alarm/ Electrical/ Air ConditioningIndustrialConstruction2003
Supply and Installation of Sprinkler System at Australian EmbassyJakartaAustralian EmbassyAustralian EmbassyFire SprinklerCommercialConstruction2003
Non Kaltim Prima Coal Minor Works Period 2003SangattaVariousVariousFire Alarm/ Electrical/ Air ConditioningMiningConstruction2003
Batu Hijau Copper & Gold Mine Warehouse Fire Sprinkler SystemsSumbawaNewmont Nusa Tenggara BaratNewmont Nusa Tenggara BaratFire SprinklerMiningService2003
Trakindo Utama Facility Phase 2 Ventilation SystemsTimika Irian JayaPT Trakindo UtamaPT PetroseaAir ConditioningMiningConstruction2003
Trakindo Workshop Airconditioning & Fire ServicesBalikpapanTrakindo UtamaTrakindo UtamaFire Sprinkler/ Air ConditioningIndustrialService2003
Gosowong Gold Mine Operation & Maintenance ServicesHalmaheraPT. Nusa Halmahera MineralsPT. Nusa Halmahera MineralsInstrumentation/ ElectricalIndustrialService2003
Gosowong Gold Room CCTVHalmaheraNusa Halmahera MineralsNusa Halmahera MineralSecurityIndustrialConstruction2003
Kaltim Prima Coal Lighting Plant & Lighting Tower Preventive MaintenanceSangattaKaltim Prima CoalKaltim Prima CoalElectricalMiningService2003
Hotel Borobudur Design, Installation and Commissioning of Fire Suppression System FM-200JakartaHotel BorobudurHotel BorobudurSpecial HazardCommercialService2003
Schering Waste Water Treatment Plant Civil, Electrical & Mechanical ServicesJakartaSchering IndonesiaSchering IndonesiaMechanical/ Electrical/ CivilIndustrialConstruction2003