DescriptionLocationOwnerContract WithDisciplineCategorySectorCompletion
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Fusible Link Door Closing SystemJakartaJohnson Hygiene HomeJohnson Hygiene HomeSecurityIndustrialConstruction2004
Newmont Nusa Tenggara Batu Hijau Project Minor Works Period 2004SumbawaNewmont Nusa Tenggara BaratVariousMechanical/ Electrical/ Fire Alarm/ Air ConditioningMiningConstruction2004
KPC Coal Mine Routine Switchboard, Electrical and Air Conditioning Preventative MaintenanceSangattaKaltim Prima CoalKaltim Prima CoalElectrical/ Air ConditioningMiningService2004
Non Kaltim Prima Coal Minor Works Period 2004SangattaVariousVariousFire Alarm/ Electrical/ Air ConditioningMiningConstruction2004
Kaltim Prima Coal Minor Works Period 2004SangattaKaltim Prima CoalKaltim Prima CoalFire Alarm/ ElectricalMiningConstruction2004
CPU/NPU Fence Lighting Total IndonesiaBalikpapanTotal E&P IndonesieTotal E&P IndonesieElectricalOil and GasService2004
Emergency Communication SystemJakartaJakarta International SchoolJakarta International SchoolIntegrated SystemCommercialService2004
Electtrical RectificationMedanNewmontNewmontElectricalMiningService2004
Supply, Install, Testing and Commissioning Fire Alarm and CCTVJakartaPertamina PlumpangPT Usaha Jaya MasCCTV/ Fire AlarmOil and GasService2004
Supply & Install Acess Controll System Qualcomm Regional OfficeJakartaPT. QualcommPT. QualcommSecurityCommercialConstruction2004
Upgrading Air Pressurization System Based on Positive Air System Trakindo SamarindaSamarindaPT. Tiara Marga TrakindoPT. Tiara Marga TrakindoAir ConditioningIndustrialService2004
Sanglah Hospital Intensive Care Burns Unit Mechanical and Electrical ServicesBaliTriadiTriadiFire Alarm/ Electrical/ Plumbing/ Air ConditioningCommercialConstruction2004
Design, Supply and Installation of Plumbing and Fire Protection at Four Season ApartmentJakartaPT. Dewata WibawaPT. Dewata WibawaFire Alarm/ PlumbingCommercialService2004
Supply, Installation and Commissioning of FM200 at Panasonic BuildingJakartaPanasonicPT. Manar Multi MandiriFire AlarmIndustrialConstruction2004
Supply, Installation and Commissioning of CCTV System at Club StoreJakartaPT. Mutiara Ritelinti WiraPT. Mutiara Ritelinti WiraIntegrated SystemCommercialConstruction2004
Rectification Furnace System, Supply and Installation of TMX Inergen Cabinet at KCI BekasiBekasiKangar Consulidated IndustriesKangar Consulidated IndustriesPlumbing/ Fire Alarm/ Electrical/ MechanicalIndustrialService2004
Sugar Grinding and Cream Mixer Installation at Nabisco FactoryCikarangNabisco FoodNabisco FoodElectricalIndustrialConstruction2004
Supply and Installation of Fire Alarm and Gas Detectors for South Jambi "B" Shallow Gas ProjectJambiConoco PhillipsTripatra Engineers & ConstructionsFire AlarmOil and GasConstruction2004
Installation, Testing and Commissioning for Fire Protection Water Mist System at BHP CilegonCilegonPT. BHP Steel IndonesiaPT. BHP Steel IndonesiaFire AlarmIndustrialConstruction2004
Supply and Installation Inergen Lab for BAT Indonesia CirebonCirebonPT. BAT IndonesiaPT. BAT IndonesiaFire AlarmIndustrialConstruction2004

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