DescriptionLocationOwnerContract WithDisciplineCategorySectorCompletion
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KCI Fire Pump System UpgradeJakartaKCI Glass PackagingKCI Glass PackagingFire SprinklerIndustrialService2003
KCI Glass Factory Fire Protection Maintenance ServicesJakartaKCI Glass PackagingKCI Glass PackagingFire Sprinkler/ Fire AlarmIndustrialService2003
KCI Glass Machinery Upgrade Electrical & InstrumentationJakartaKCI Glass PackagingKCI Glass PackagingInstrumentation/ ElectricalIndustrialService2002
KCI Administration Building Renovation Civil, Hvac & Electrical ServicesJakartaKCI Glass PackagingKCI Glass PackagingElectrical/ Air Conditioning/ CivilIndustrialService2002
KCI Factory IT Cable Network UpgradeJakartaKCI Glass PackagingKCI Glass PackagingElectricalIndustrialService2001
Supply Inegen HardwareKalimantanTotal E&P IndonesieKlaras Pusaka InstrumenindoFire AlarmOil and GasService2008
Design, Supply of Equipment and Commissioning of Production Plant/ ProcessPrabumulihPT. Tanjung Enim LestariKlockner/ ROHFire Alarm/ ElectricalIndustrialConstruction1999
Design, Supply and Installation of Electrical Works at Komaritim Facilities HandilHandilKomaritimKomaritimElectricalIndustrialConstruction2002
BZZB, BTSA ( BZZA ) Offshore Platforms Electrical/InstrumentationHandil YardARCOKomaritimInstrumentation/ ElectricalOil and GasConstruction1992
Australian Embassy Supply & Install Electrical and Fire AlarmJakartaAustralian EmbassyLeighton - TOTAL Bangun PersadaFire Alarm/ ElectricalIndustrialConstruction2016
Freeport Ridge Camp SQ Accommodation ME RecticulationIrian JayaFreeport IndonesiaLeighton Constractors IndonesiaFire Alarm/ Mechanical/ ElectricalMiningConstruction2010
Trakindo Workshop GrasbergTimika, PapuaTrakindo UtamaLeighton Construction IndonesiaAir Conditioning/ Mechanical/ ElectricalMiningConstruction2008
M&E Recticulation Works for Step-3B Temporary Camp Facility Work at Tangguh LNG ProjectTangguh - Irian JayaBritish PetroliumLeighton Construction IndonesiaFire Alarm/ Plumbing/ Electrical/ Air ConditioningMiningConstruction2007
Freeport Barrack Accommodation LMN&XTangguh - Irian JayaFreePortLeighton Construction IndonesiaPlumbing/ Fire Alarm/ Electrical/ Air ConditioningMiningConstruction2007
M&E Recticulation Works for Step-3 Temporary Camp Facility Work at Tangguh LNG ProjectTangguh - Irian JayaBritish PetroleumLeighton Construction IndonesiaFire Alarm/ Plumbing/ Air Conditioning/ ElectricalMiningConstruction2006
Tangguh LNG Project Infra ServicesTangguh - Irian JayaBritish PetroleumLeighton Construction IndonesiaFire AlarmIndustrialService2006
M&E Recticulation Works for Step-2 Infra Facility Work at Tangguh LNG ProjectTangguh - Irian JayaBritish PetroleumLeighton Construction IndonesiaElectrical/ MechanicalMiningConstruction2005
M&E Recticulation Works for Step-1 Temporary Camp Facility Work at Tangguh LNG ProjectTangguh - Irian JayaBritish PetroleumLeighton Construction IndonesiaElectrical/ MechanicalMiningConstruction2004
Construction of SQ&BQ Accommodation at Freeport IndonesiaIrian JayaFreport IndonesiaLeighton Contractor IndonesiaFire Alarm/ Mechanical/ Air Conditioning/ Electrical/ ElectricalMiningConstruction2012
Construction of 1400 Man Barrack Accommodation at Freeport IndonesiaIrian JayaFreeport IndonesiaLeighton Contractor IndonesiaFire Alarm/ Mechanical/ Air Conditioning/ ElectricalMiningConstruction2012

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